Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Let's go fly a kite...

We continue to spend most Sunday evenings at Wyatt's grave. We will continue to do that until it gets too cold. Some may think that is strange but for us it's a good thing. Some people go to the park(which we do a lot too) but we go to a cemetery as well. It's such a relaxing, beautiful and peaceful place for our family to go. I know Wyatt is not there but knowing there is a little section of ground dedicated to him does my heart good. We just enjoy the spirit of the place. I love what my kindred spirit said about going to the cemetery. She said: "I like the idea of a place dedicated to him(Luke), where we can just think about him and remember how it felt when he was in our arms." I feel the same about Wyatt. So, we continue to go and enjoy time as a family at a very peaceful and beautiful place. It's also nice that his grave is so close to our house.

There is a new section of lawn at the cemetery. Someday it will be filled with more dedicated plots of ground but until then we use it to do a few things... like fly a kite. I bought a kite last March for Wyatt's angel day to fly but it just wasn't windy enough. Well, this Sunday it was windy, probably too windy. Most times we try and have a fun activity to do when we go to Wyatt's grave. The kids enjoyed this one a lot. Tyler and Derek spent most of the time trying to hit the kite with a football. Most of the pictures will have that football(the one Tyler bought to put on Wyatt's grave) in it. Derek and Tyler always come up with some sort of game to play. This one reminded me of the infamous seagull saga many years ago at the beach with my whole family. That would be a story in and of it self that I will probably never tell here. Anyway, we enjoyed sometime as a family playing at the cemetery...weird to some but for us it's a part of our new life. Sometimes it doesn't seem real at all that we have any reason to spend time there. Truly unbelievable!!


Jill said...

Oh the seagull story...ha ha! I want to fly a kite. I think it's neat you have such a special place to enjoy family time and remember Wyatt. Love you!

Bridget said...

I love it. I love that you do fun things at the cemetery. I'm not sure we could do that at ours...but what an amazing opportunity for you and your children while they are young and there is an empty lawn. You are building some great memories.

Melissa said...

So nice that you can do that. I've has always thought an easter egg hunt there would be fun because there are so many great hiding places! I haven't decided if it is appropriate or not though. I'm glad you enjoy being at Wyatt's resting place.

Alison said...

I learn so much from you. You are an inspiration and you help me to find more peace and a better perspective on my sadness.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your beautiful comments.

Lots of love and hugs

- Being a mom to an angel it will be special if I can join the angel mom's blog. Thank you for thinking of me.

- I downloaded the template for my new blog format, the credit for the creativity must go to the designer :-)