Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hole in the Rock

"Hole in the Rock"
(Lake Powell wasn't there when the pioneers went through this. It sure is beautiful now.)

A week ago we went with Derek's family to Hole in the Rock. What an adventure. We were in the car for 11 hours and a lot of those hours were spent on the bumpiest, rockiest dirt road I've ever been on. There were places where 4 wheel drive was a must. Let's just say I will most likely never do that again. I think if I want to see it again I will go by boat...much easier. Anyway, it was quit amazing to see this place and to think that the pioneers took their wagons down this "hole in the rock". It was unbelievable to think that they actually did that. The kids had a great time with their cousins and I think it will be something they will never forget. It was fun to spend time with Derek's side of the family. Here are some of the many pictures I took. It was fun to have some nieces and nephews that actually asked to have their pictures taken. I don't have that luxury very much in my household...probably because I'm always wanting to take pictures. So grateful as well for the beauties of this earth. Lake Powell is gorgeous! Along with the beautiful fall leaves and red rock. Love it! And as always I missed Wyatt but I did see a small white butterfly on our way.


"Hole in the rock"

How did they take wagons down this?

The group hiking down "hole in the rock".

One our way we had lunch at "Devil's garden." It was beautiful!

Hayley enjoying her cookie.
I love red rock!

Some of the kids.

What a handsome little guy!

My handsome hunk.


Bridget said...

The Hailey cookie shot is pretty wild. The rock behind her head looks halo-esque and the sun is creating a greater ring of light around her. She looks like such a sweet girl.

That first photo is my favorite. It's just amazing. I've never been to this area before, but have heard plenty of stories. Someday...

Jill said...

Love those pictures! I love the one with Hayley posing with her cookie. :) She's such a cutie. What a pretty place!