Monday, October 19, 2009

Extended Family Pictures

These pictures go along with the tractor post I did a month ago. We did an extended family picture in my parents backyard with the tractor. I'm so grateful for the wonderful family I've been blessed with and the amazing parents that I've been given. The flower in the pictures represent Wyatt. Again, it's hard not having him in these pictures. We miss him so much. It's an ache that will never go away. Not until the day we hold him in our arms again. We miss you and love you Wyatt! Again, I grew on a fruit farm so this pictures represents our family so well. So grateful for families...mine and Derek's. We spent this past weekend with Derek's family going to hole in the rock. Hopefully I will get a minute sometime this week to post about that experience.


This is the professional one we had taken that night. I wish I could get it bigger. They put a picture of Wyatt in the trees. Looking over our family. Which I feel he is. He is our little angel.


Melissa said...

Those are special pictures! I love them!

Jill said...

Wish I could've been there for the tractor pictures. I think those turned out really well. :) I'm SO glad they put Wyatt in the one they want to blow up. He is still SO MUCH apart of the Jensen family. Love you lots! Hope you're doing ok.

Eileen said...

I'm in love with those tractor photos. So bright and fun.

What a sweet idea of Wyatt's photo in the trees. I wish I could see it better.

You are loved.

Julie said...

Wow! I can't believe you got that many people to sit still in those pictures! They are perfect! And I love the one with Sweet Wyatt looking over you!
You have a beautiful family!

Bridget said...

I love the tractor shots and the colors.

Felipe and Erika said...

It was so fun to see your entire family, it has grown so much. ( I think in my mind it was still the size it was while we were in college:) Your parents really have a beautiful and special posterity. What a beautiful blessing.

Linda Pickles said...

It has been a very long time since I've gotten on your blog and have so enjoyed your pictures.
The family pictures in your folks backyard are darling. What a wonderful posterity for Darrell and Norma. How did the photographer get everyone to look so good? Guess you're all just extra photogenic! I loved the thought that Wyatt was in the trees looking down. What a sweet idea.
I read an article the other day about Natalie Cole (Nat King Cole's daughter) and she, too, believes in butterflies and said she felt her dad sent them to her often. Little tender mercies from those we love!
Hope you're doing okay.
Much love,
Aunt Linda