Sunday, October 4, 2009

Butterfly plates...a beautiful gift!

A dear sweet friend saw these while she was on a trip to Yellowstone. She bought them and sent them to me. Aren't they just beautiful? Thank you Carolyn. I feel so blessed to have such amazing and thoughtful people in my life. I truly don't know how to express the gratitude that is in my heart. They will be cherished! Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
Cooking dinner is a time that I have shed many tears the past 18 months. Just being in the kitchen and looking over to where Wyatt's swing use to be and now it's gone brings on the tears. I would put him in his swing while I tried to cook dinner. He didn't like that so he would fuss. He wanted to be held during that time. So, Emily would pick him up and hold him for a minute and then she would bring him to me. She could not stand to hear him fussing. I would try and cook with him in my arms and then I would put him back into his swing. That cycle would keep going on and on until I would tell Emily to just let him stay in his swing. I would often talk to him and try to console him while trying to fix dinner. Those are some of the cherished memories I have of him. It's so hard to have those empty arms now. To look over to his spot and he is gone. So, now I have something to put on my counter that brings him close to me. To remind me of those continued tender mercies in my life. For each and every "Wyatt moment" that I've had and continue to have. For the hope I have that I will someday hold him and love him again. To remind me of the sweet and amazing friend that thought of me on her vacation and gave me this most precious gift. Thanks again Carolyn for your thoughtfulness. I absolutely LOVE them! They are so beautiful!


Jill said...

Wow! What a beautiful gift! Those are just perfect!

Eileen said...

Perfectly beautiful! I LOVE those. I'm so happy they warmed your broken heart.

Lisa said...

Such beautiful plates! What a thoughtful friend!

Nathan Gedge said...

What a neat gift.. Thanks for sharing your sweet story of dinnertime. Those plates will bring you hope and peace each and every time you use them! What an amazing friend!

Bridget said...

Wonderful! I've just been catching up on your blog for the past month. Happy Birthday to Wyatt. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos. We're getting family photos taken next week and I'm thinking about your butterfly as a representation of Wyatt. We should do something to represent Evan. Jill's shots were just beautiful. I loved the B/W one where the butterfly was in color. Sometimes life seems a little bit like that.

carolyn q said...

You are more than welcome. I am glad that there was a real story to why I had the feeling they belonged to you.
I only got to view them for a moment because I was trying to keep my kids away from trying to break anything in the gift store. After leaving the store, I just couldn't get those plates out of my head. I was very grateful that the store worked with me in sending them directly to you.
They are even more beautiful than what I remembered! I am glad that you can enjoy them and have a happy thought of Wyatt while in your kitchen.
Mom to Angel Hope

Angela said...

How thoughtful! We still have lots of butterflies here in Florida...right in our backyard....I think of you and Wyatt everytime I see a butterfly.