Monday, September 7, 2009

Tractor Pictures

I have so many events to document from this summer. I'm going to start with these few pictures first. We went up north a couple of times this summer and of course I took my camera and took a million pictures. Here are a few(many) pictures at my parents house.

I grew up on a fruit orchard. I think we had over 5 acres of all kinds of fruit. We spent our summers picking and selling fruit. Labor day was a big day for selling of pears and peaches. I didn't really enjoy growing up on a fruit farm at least I didn't think I enjoyed it until now when I look back at all the wonderful memories. I'm grateful now for the work ethnic that my parents taught me. Sometimes I wish we lived on a farm just so my kids could learn some of those most important life lessons. I try my best teaching them at home with jobs and chores around the house but I don't think they get the real deal. I will never forget the early summer mornings of picking cherries. I remember my fingers getting so sore after days of picking and picking. And of course having cherry fights with my brother and then my dad getting mad at us for wasting the cherries. There are so many memories with the orchard. Year long memories of working with my family. I'm so grateful to my parents and the many things they taught me.

I've found a new I love learning how to use my camera and photoshop. It's been a fun thing for me. It's giving me more and more opportunities to capture moments with Tyler, Emily and Hayley. I've learned a lot from the web on how to use my camera and photoshop. I also won some DVD's on a photography blog that really taught me about how to manually use my camera and a bunch of other stuff. I'm looking forward to many years of learning how to take pictures.
Hayley LOVES tomatoes. She was in heaven when we went to my parents house this summer and she could pick as many as she wanted from their amazingly beautiful garden. She has loved tomatoes since she was very young. I love her dirty face.
This is my dad's tractor. He spent a lot of time throughout his life working on this tractor. We took our big family pictures surrounding the tractor that weekend. I will post them soon.Two of the hardest workers you will ever meet!!! We have a little shirt tucked away in Wyatt's hutch that matched this one of Tyler's. Tyler wanted to have a few matching outfits with his little brother. So we went and bought some. The only problem was, we had to wait until Wyatt got a little bigger so he could fit into them. Wyatt was just about big enough to fit into them when he passed away. Tyler never got to be matchy with his little brother. Oh, those lost dreams can be so hard sometimes.

The new jeep at Grandma and Grandpas.

Hayley and Addie.

Picking raspberries... again I LOVE Hayley's dirty face. That means she has had lots of fun!

Hayley and Addie trying to find ripe raspberries.

Found one...Yum!Tyler jumping over a new fruit tree.
A beautiful flower.

Wyatt's birthday is coming up...I'm not sure what to think about that. I guess I'm just kind of sad. Sad that my little boy isn't going to physically be with us for his 2nd birthday. I love 2 year olds and I feel such a great loss knowing I won't get to experience all those fun things with him in this life. The roller coaster of grief still comes and goes. I think it will the rest of my life. My heart will always ache for our little Wyatt and all the things we aren't getting to do with him. I'm not sure what we will do for his birthday. I think I will look back on the posts I made from a year ago and do some of those same things. I'm glad I documented those "firsts" last year because quite frankly it's all a blur to me right now. The whole year is a blur. So, I'm grateful I wrote down all the things we did so I can remember each of those traditions that I set in place. I may add some here and there if I see fit but at least I have a blue print on what we will do for each holiday. Oh, how we miss you Wyatt!!!


Jill said...

Wow! Some of those pictures are totally priceless. I love the photos you got of Grandma and Grandpa. They are amazing people. Andrea, you are awesome! I know Wyatt's birthday will be a tough day. Know that I'll be remembering him that day too. Love you!

Eileen said...

You are so rockin that camera! What lovely pics, and such a lovely place to take pics.

Happy Birthday to your sweet little two year old angel. I hope he will give you lots of tender mercies from Heaven.

Rachel Doyle said...

Your pictures are beautiful.

Knowing what to do for our angels birthdays is always a tough one for me. We always buy/make a birthday cake and sing happy birthday - although I have yet to make it through the first verse without breaking down. Our Nate's birthday is in November and he will be 3 - I suppose that it never gets easier. Wishing you a day of happy remembrances.

D-9 said...

I love your new hobbie, it has snapped me up too. I just love it. What kind of camera do you have?
I love the butterfly for Emily. So priceless. Thinking of you.

Bridget said...

Your photos are impressive. Some of the lighting is amazing how it captures expressions and the moment. Your grandparents look so kind.