Sunday, September 20, 2009


The past 18 months I have shed many tears. Mainly tears of grief, sorrow, pain and longing to have my Wyatt back but tonight I shed tears of GRATITUDE and deep, deep LOVE for some amazing neighbors, friends and dear sisters in my ward. I can't even come up with words to express the gratitude in my heart for these women in my life. For my sweet visiting teacher that has put forth sooooooo much effort in my behave, since my throwing up days while pregnant with Wyatt, to his death and now today at the eve of his 2nd birthday. It's a long a beautiful story of how this necklace, plus an extra one for Emily came to be. One of these days I will tell the story but until then, miracles do happen. There are kind and amazing people in this world. So, grateful for an inspired visiting teacher who listens to the promptings of the spirit. For blessing my life and helping me along this journey of grief. Thank you Lisa...thank you everyone that made this precious gift possible. So, grateful to a loving Heavenly Father for blessing my life. These necklaces will be cherished with love throughout my entire life and generations to come.

Inside these two shells is sand from this beach in Australia where Wyatt's name was written. The butterfly was custom made...Emily's necklace is also custom and different from this one. Simply amazing!

The beautiful card they of the greatest gifts that can be given to someone that has lost a loved one is to remember that loved one. Especially, on days like these. Thank you my dear friends for doing this for me and my family. Thank you for celebrating Wyatt's birthday with us. We will be forever grateful to you for this.

Not only did they give me and Emily these beautiful necklaces they bought a butterfly necklace for Hayley as well. They also gave Tyler a butterfly stepping stone kit which we will make tomorrow. It will go in our garden next to the weeping cherry tree, and the rose bushes from Wyatt's birth. I will post pictures of each of these things. (Hayley and Emily are asleep with their necklaces on...I will get pictures tomorrow.)

Again, words simply can not convey the gratitude and love that is in my heart tonight. Thank you everyone!


Melissa said...

Wow. I am glad that you have so many people supporting you. It is very important! We are thinking about you guys and Wyatt today! Happy Birthday!

Lisa said...


D-9 said...

Wow, you are so blessed with some amazing women. How did they ever get the sand from that beach. I want to go there myself. I am sending you lots of lot today, sorry I can't be there in person. You always make everyday so special for your family. You are an amazing mom.
Lots of love to you and Wyatt today.

carolyn q said...

Hats off to those wonderful women in your ward as they remember the special day this is in realizing that Wyatt will forever be part of your life and rememberd. What a true treasure they all are and great examples of what a Sister of the Gospel means.
This past week while attending a work conference in West Yellowstone, I came across something that I knew belonged to you. So expect something in the next couple of weeks :0)
Thinking of you on this precious day as you reflect back to welcoming Wyatt into your family.
May you be comforted by the sweet memories that you shared.

Noah and Randi Brook said...

Dearest Andrea... I am so happy that you are able to feel the love of your friends and ward sisters! I am so sorry that I wasn't able to be there last night but I am so grateful to know that you know Wyatt is remembered and so are you! I have so much love in my heart for you! You are such a wonderful mother and a great inspiration to me! Happy Birthday Wyatt... you and your mommy are very loved!

Robyn said...

Thinking of you today!! Happy Birthday to the Luckiest Little Boy in the world! Hope your day is full of tender mercies. Love and Hugs today.

Larsen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL WYATT!!! Give lot's of love to your family today. They'll need it.

Andrea, you are that angle in other people's lives as well. What goes around comes around, and you absolutely deserve wonderful people to lift you up. Thank you, Andrea!! I love you, and all the wonderful things that you encourage me with. I hope this day is filled with love, peace, and most of all joy. Joy for Wyatt. Sending love your way

Gavin's Mom

Julie said...

I love how many people LOVE you and your family! You truly are blessed to have so many great friends and family! I'm thinking about you today!! Know you are loved!