Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Heart walk

We had the wonderful opportunity to go to the 2nd annual IHH walk on Saturday. It was such a neat event. So well organized and very special. There were so many there in attendance. It was amazing.

They started out with the 1 mile walk around the park. Tyler decided that he wanted to win the walk and ran the whole thing. He was the first one past the finish line. His nic name of turbo came through. (his uncles use to call him turbo when he was little because he ran every where he went and he was/is very fast) He also paced himself very well(he kept telling us how important it is to pace yourself) You rock Tyler!

I got to spend some time walking and talking with my kindred spirit. So, glad that I got to spend some time with her and her darling family. It's almost like we have known each other our whole life's. Almost strange in a way but oh so wonderful.

It was a very pleasant and beautiful morning. It was just perfect. After the walk they had an angel tribute where they remembered those children that have passed on. It was such a tender time. It will be something we as a family will never forget. They had all the heart angel families come down and we said our children's name. I didn't know if I could say Wyatt's name because it was so emotional hearing all the other names being said. But some how I got it out. During all of this music by Paul Cardall was playing. One of my favorite artist. His music has touched my heart on countless occasions since Wyatt's death.

After all the angel names were said they then gave us each a butterfly to release in memory of our children. There were a few angel children's families that weren't there so my kids each got to release a butterfly. You know how much I love butterflies so this was a great tender mercy for me and our family. When the butterflies were released they all grouped together and flew away except for one. That one flew up to where our family was sitting and flew around my Dad. I thought I was the only one that noticed that happen but my niece pointed that out after we got home. I have no doubt that Wyatt wanted those family members to know how much he loves them and to thank them for being so wonderful to his mom, dad, brother and sisters. The whole ceremony was a great tender mercy for me.

They also had a tent where posters were displayed of those angels. I used the same one from last year that I made for Wyatt. There was a special spirit as you walked around and saw the pictures and faces of so many amazing little children.

We had blown up some of our Wyatt balloons to hold during the whole event. After the butterflies were released they did some drawings for prizes.(Hayley won a great little basket full of music, a DVD and some Christmas ornaments that will be perfect for Wyatt's tree and a whole bunch of other stuff) We as a family went to the side and released our Wyatt balloons. That was really special for me. So wonderful to have some of those that I love so much together in a circle to release balloons in memory of Wyatt. It's always a neat thing for me to see balloons flying up to heaven.

My niece took pictures of the butterflies and the balloon release which I will post when I get a copy of them. Here are the few I took of this amazing event. I think this is something we will try and attend each year. Very memorable. Thanks to all the amazing people that did so much to make it possible. I'm so grateful for this group and what it has done to help me through the past 18 months. I especially grateful for those family members that were able to be there to support us. Thanks to those that were there and those that wish they could have been. We are grateful for any support we get. Can't wait to attend this event next year.

Face painting...butterflies:)

Our group

The walk.

We love you Wyatt...we miss you!!!


Jen said...

Andrea, it was so awesome to see you--I would have walked 100 miles just to get to keep talking.

your balloons look so awesome all together. Wyatt must feel so lucky he is so loved.

Jill said...

We love Wyatt! That was a neat day all around. I love having your family in town. Love you guys! I'll get those photos to you asap.

carolyn q said...

I also noticed when I looked out to the hill of those watching, the one butterfly that was flittering around. I am glad that it was doing that around your family and I truly believe that Wyatt had something to do with it.
I am still very emotional about the event, I haven't been able to post.

{ Bethany } said...

How amazing...I wish we had something like that here! The pictures you took are so neat.

Angel Gavin's mom