Sunday, September 13, 2009


Here are a few more pictures from Emily's birthday. I think she had a great day. At least she should have. She wanted fingernails again this year. I tried talking her out of it and even gave her the option of a friend party but she would rather get fingernails. So, that is what we did for her birthday. We also took her out for lunch at Brick Oven. It was a fun and memorable 10th birthday.

Hayley also started preschool on Emily's birthday. That was not an easy thing for me. I'm just not ready to be thrust into this new stage of life so quickly. It's just not how it was suppose to be. I should have a toddler at home with me. It's just hard.

Hayley was so excited to go to preschool. She has a great teacher and think it's going to be a wonderful year for her. I love the pictures I took before she left for preschool and then the one once we got there. You can see the excitement with the ones before but the one I took at the door of the preschool you can see the apprehension she was feeling. She ended up running out of preschool that day with the biggest grin in the world and lots and lots to tell me about. She is such a joy, along with my other kids.

This weekend we went to the angel walk. It was a really neat experience and I'm so glad we went. I will post about that soon.

Lunch at Brick Oven


Blowing out her candles.(Emily and I went shopping for a little while and came home and Hayley had licked the frosting off a lot of the cake. You can't really tell it from this pictures but there were little finger marks around the cake. Got to love a 4 year old with a sweet tooth!)

All ready for her first day of preschool.

Before going to preschool.
After arriving at preschool. Love her expression here. It just says it all.


Sheila said...

Many thanks for sharing - & for all the gorgeous photo's too !

As a new (29 month) widow, barren & my 2 Tabby's my only family now, seeing & reading your story means a lot, truly it does.

My prayers are with you & yours...
God Bless !

Jill said...

ha ha! Hayley is the cutest. Love those photos. Your kids are so much fun! I had a great time with you guys this weekend, and wish so badly that you lived closer...or that we lived in St George. :( Someday. That walk for Wyatt was neat. I can't wait to share with you those pictures. Your family is amazing. Love you guys!