Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I read a comment that a fellow angel mom wrote. (Plaid, I hope it's ok to quote you here. What you had to say was just beautiful and I really wanted to share your thoughts) This is what she had to say.

"I think when our children die, and they progress into the eternities,
there is TRULY a piece of us that goes with them. As their mommies, it makes
time seem very dysfunctional as more of us than before is a part of a realm
where there is no time. And yet, our mortal beings are captive to time. It is a
sort of bondage, but in some ways it is voluntary. So we ache. We literally,
physically ache as time passes and we cannot reach out and touch our little ones
any longer. I think that if people could understand this better, they could
understand how losing a child is very different than other losses they may be
more familiar with (like a dear grandparent, for example). Grief has similar
overlaps in all loss cycles, but there is an element of losing a child that is
not a part of any other kind of loss cycle.... If only we could FULLY pierce
through time, and sense the eternities in WHOLE, we would see that without time,
there is no past or future or present. That our little ones have never left us.
It really is only time that separates us. Mortal time. Sigh... and everyone
thinks it helps to tell us that TIME heals. What an unfortunate
misunderstanding. Time standing in the way. Perhaps, I think, for the rest of
our lives, we will have moments like that. Of missing. Missing so intensely and
so deeply."

I have to agree with everything she said. Thank you Plaid for you amazing insight and words. They were perfect! You truly amaze me!


The Ulrich Clan said...

I found your blog through a dear friends blog page that you commented on. I find it truly amazing how God allows paths to cross. I breifly read some of your blog entries...and I didn't have to read far to see that you too have a beautiful family whom suffers from the loss of a very unique spirit.
My husband and I lost our youngest son, at the time, on the very same day. I appreciate the comments that you posted. How true those words inspired! Time heals? I am often surprised how fresh some of the memories from that day perfectly clear I can remember them. I believe that as we strive to turn our 'burdens' over to the Lord, that is what heals...maybe it just takes time to turn them over...
I am sorry that you too experience the pain of an "empty chair". I am not sure that there is anything that anyone can say that truely offers the peace that a mother longs for. But, here is a works sometimes for me:
In the life after, when we finally are reunited with eachother, won't it be a joyous occassion?
From 'Another Mother'

The Ulrich Clan said...

It's me again...I noticed that you had your sweet babies hand/feet casts bronzed. May I ask where? We have searched high and low hoping to find someone who could do this for us.
Thank you,

Larsen said...

I couldn't agree more. Thank you for your sweetness Andrea. You are such an example of Christ like love.

Gavin's Mom

taguefamily said...

if those words and that understanding have been inspired by our Heavenly Father. I love that thank you for sharring. love Gidget

carolyn q said...

Thanks for sharing, I totally agree with the post.
Angel Hope's Mom