Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bryce Canyon this past weekend.
I haven't posted much lately. Mainly because we have been VERY busy this summer, our computer has a virus or something and it's really hard to do anything on the internet and a part of me hasn't felt like expressing myself as much. I do have to say I continue to feel an enormous amount of ache...ache for Wyatt. I don't think this ache will ever go away. It's an ache that is hard to describe but is so real. I miss him each and everyday. I continue to shed tears over his absence in my life. I do feel the grief isn't as prevalent though. With that said, it's not gone, it's still there and it continues to hit me and take me under at random times. I truly can't believe it's been a year and 4 months since he passed away. I would think that ache would have changed with that amount of time but it hasn't much at all. I continue to feel that void in my life. There are things and moments and tender mercies though, that do help me cope. I look back on a year ago...last summer and I do see amazing improvement. The grief was everyday intense. Now it comes and goes more quickly.
I have lots of pictures to post. I LOVE summer and having my kids home. I don't look forward to them going back to school in a few weeks. Not that I haven't had my moments when they are fighting or arguing with each other that I wish I was singing the song "It's the most wonderful time of the year"(back to school) but on the most part I love having them with me each day. I love that we get to decide what we are going to do each day. We have done a lot of fun stuff along with working, learning and just chillin'. I will post about those things once I get some time. Here are a few pictures of Hatch I took this past weekend. Derek got to spend some time fishing which made his week. I'm enjoying photography and learning a little bit here and there.

A beautiful stream.

My Wyatt moment...haven't had too many of those this summer.

I couldn't but help to wonder if Wyatt would be like his dad....loves to fish. I hate that I have to wait a long. long time to find that out along with many, many other things I wonder about.


Jill said...

I love those pictures Andrea. Nice editing. I love summer too. So much fun! Thinking of you always...and hoping/praying that you're feeling that. Love you!

Jen said...

I love the butterfly--I'm so glad there was at least one moment of peace for you this weekend. Wyatt loves you!

Natalie said...

I love all the photos! I'm sorry you haven't had as many Wyatt moments. I'll be praying for that and for you as always! Love you and I hope you know that I think of Wyatt often and especially everytime I see a butterfly!

D-9 said...

What a wave of emotions we are on. I want to tell you after almost 3yrs it is still up an down. I love your photos.. you must tell me which photo shop you use. Take care, enjoy the remainder days of summer.. it goes by to fast.

Mindy Stailey said...

So great to see you! I am sorry that we never hooked up again.:( I loved being able to talk to you for that little bit. I totally agree with you, and I want you to know that I love you, and I would feel the same way! Don't forget that. If you need me, let me know. I am always here for you!

Eileen said...

Hi Andrea. I noticed that you won that DVD set from Alexis Miller! Congrats!