Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Pictures

Every year I try and take a kids picture on the 4th. It's been kind of a tradition since Tyler was a baby. I have to admit now it's heartbreaking to me to take these pictures when Wyatt isn't or hasn't ever been a part of them. It's just hard. Again the lost dreams. I feel like a broken record saying the same stuff over and over again but that's how I feel and I'm not sure that it will ever change. I love him too much.

We spent the day with my parents who came down for the weekend. We relaxed, swam and went and saw the fireworks. It was a nice day. I'm so grateful for the wonderful country we live in and feel so blessed to have the freedoms that we enjoy. God bless America!
Hayley can be such a ham sometimes. It's hard not to take a million pictures of her when she lets me.


Eileen said...

Lovely photos!

It's OK to be a broken record. Please don't ever hide or smother your thoughts and feelings. It's not healthy.

You are loved!

Anaise said...

Hi--I was messing around, exploring links on a friend's blog when I read this.

I lost my little 2 year old daughter nearly a year ago (We were preparing to adopt her--she'd been ours since day 5 of her life--when the court about-faced and returned her to her birthmom). I haven't been able to make myself get a new family portrait because every picture without her hurts my heart.

And I feel like a broken record if I talk about her, too. It does hurt--it is real--I'm sorry.

Your children are lovely.

The Garner Gang said...

What a beautiful family. You are braver than me, I have not attempted the family picture yet. Is is really my family?

Thinking of you,

Natalie said...

Such cute kids! I love Emily and hayley's matching outfits. So cute!

Bartel's said...

What a beautiful family.
My son came across the biggest butterfly last week. (bigger than his hands) I couldn't help but think of you. I will post about it later in the week. Hope you are doing well.

drans007 said...

i've seen hailey's exact expressions on jens. i take lots of picture too. you pictures really capture the fun swimming and celebrating.

Kimberly Rose Carolan said...

It is so great that you are blogging about your family and your one that is not. It's totally okay to keep on telling the story--others who have lost a loved one (like me) need to know that they aren't alone.

My best,

Kim Carolan

Bridget said...

I am so happy that you have a family photo with Wyatt. I just love the ones out of that photo shoot. I'm so sorry you don't have him in a 4th of July photo.

It also pains me to be missing Evan out of our photos. That and he died just a few weeks before we were to have another family photo taken. We were just waiting for his sister to arrive. She was born 6 days after Evan died. So, the only shot we have of him with the family is when he was 6 weeks old. Better than nothing, but painful none the less.