Sunday, April 5, 2009


So grateful for Conference and for the many talks that give me hope and courage to continue on. I was especially grateful for Elder Scott and his willingness to share in the losses he has experienced. There were also many others that touched me as well. Can't wait to hear more tomorrow. I'm so grateful to have these talks to help me through another 6 months.


Tina said...

I am going to conference tomorrow. I am glad it touched you and hope to feel the same power tomorrow.

Julie said...

Me too! I LOVE CONFERENCE! And I loved Elder Scott's talk! ..I thought of you and your sweet family!

I'm so glad you liked the ornament! It was actually just released in Feb 2009 So that's probably why you hadn't seen it before. I had to pre-order it, but I thought it was 100% perfect!
Love you!

Eileen said...

I thought of you during Elder Holland's talk this morning.

Lovely conference.

Teea Lamb said...

I completely agree. Conference was so encouraging for me. I loved Elder Scott's sweet words of comfort and encouragement. Thinking of you always.

Leanne said...

"Bereaved people are like ducks above the surface.....looking composed and unruffled, below the surface.......paddling like crazy." --unknown

Thinking of you:)

Jill said...

This weekend was so great! Fun and uplifting. Can't wait to see you again! Allen and I are already planning our next trip down there. :) Love you!