Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Flowers

Photo shoot in my backyard today....

Moses 3:5: "And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew. For I, the Lord God, created all things of which I have spoken, spiritually, before they were naturally upon the face of the earth."

I read a book a few months after Wyatt died called "The Message." It's about a man that was able to experience the spirit world while his body was in a coma on earth. I gained comfort from this book. There was an especially interesting part that has influenced the way I look and enjoy nature...flowers. I feel that this experience goes along with the above scripture. This is what he said:

"We began to walk down a pathway lined with various flowers and foliage. I
stopped to look closer to these beautiful plants. I knelt and gently touched the
petals and greenery. I felt a surge within me, as if these creations were
seeking to say to my soul, "We, too, are creations of God. We have sought with
diligence to create beauty and splendor of celestial magnitude. Have we done so?
Have we filled your heart with joy in seeing us? Have we not fulfilled the
measure of our creation?" And I wanted to say back to them, "Oh, yes. Be at
peace. You have given me great joy. Truly you have sought and fulfilled your
purpose. " Love was being radiated by them. "How is it possible?" I thought.
Then immediately the understanding came into my mind saying, "These are all my
creations, as are you. They each have a spirit, as do you, yet theirs are
different from those of mankind. They are completely content as plant life, as
are my animals. The purpose of their creation is different from your creation.
And as they fulfill that measure of their creation, they receive a fullness of
joy. There is order in all things of my kingdom. " The words were truth, and
love filled me. All plants and animals are God's creations and He loves them. I
gained a much greater respect and love for them at that moment."

Since reading that book I have looked at flowers differently. I guess I had never thought of flowers being created spiritually first. I have gained more respect for these beautiful creations. I knew that they brought beauty to my life and I have experienced joy from them but I guess now it seems to be more meaningful to me. I want to fulfill their purpose in their creation. I liked the question that was presented to this man..."Have we filled your heart with joy in seeing us?" I have to say today while enjoying the flowers in our backyard I could definitely say yes to that question. They are quite amazing if you look at them close enough. I'm finding that the simple things of life can bring us great amounts of joy. Each time I take time to notice a flower or some creation on this earth(butterflies etc.) I know without a shadow of a doubt that Heavenly Father loves me and has given me these things to enjoy. I want the flowers to fulfill their measure of their creation by bringing joy to me. Which in a way is a challenging thing, with the grief always lingering there.

On a side note, I have read many other books about people that have been able to experience the spirit world and almost all of them talk about how beautiful it is there. Brother Jedediah M. Grant who was a counselor to Brigham Young had such an experience. This is what he said about the flowers in the spirit world.

"In regards to gardens, says Grant, "I have seen good gardens on this earth, but
I never saw any to compare with those that were there. I saw flowers of
numerous kinds, and some with from fifty to a hundred different colored flowers
growing upon one stalk."
Oh, I can only imagine how beautiful that must be. I guess in a way it comforts me to know that Wyatt gets to enjoy that right now. So, today I decided to go and take some pictures of the tulips in our garden and then some of the other flowers in our backyard. I've also added some of the pictures I took of the flowers my friend Jen sent me. I'm finding out more and more how much I enjoy taking pictures. These flowers brought me a measure of joy today.


Danielle said...

Your flowers are gorgeous and the pictures are stunning! Thank you for sharing this. I had never even thought about it before. Something to ponder on.

Suzanne said...

Mind if I copy and paste this into my blog for my friends to see? I will link it to your blog too. I was overwhelmed with love when I read it, and thought everyone needs to see it.

Kim said...

Breath taking...your Wyatt, that is. And the flowers are gorgeous, too. We don't have spring yet up here in Maine, so thanks for sharing yours.
Your story is remarkable and I love your perspective...thanks for touching my life.

taguefamily said...

you are just Amazing Andrea.! I love how a photo can bring so much joy. these photos are so great of all the flowers... I love flowers to. I have them all over my house. It does make me feel closer to God to see these every year. There has not been a time that I have not grown from your testimony and things you share. You have help me pass some dark moments of my own just by being so open. I have been able to stay in better tune with our Father in Heaven because of how you have been teaching me on this blog. because, I feel a strength from you and your words I cannot say thank you enough for blessing us with your words. Thank you .your amazing

Jen said...

absolutely beautiful--you are so talented. and thanks for the reminder that flowers are a reminder of God's love for us. Love you!

larsen family said...

I love your flowers. Here in Arizona the flowers don't always do so well because of the heat. I do have to say that the flowers that were planted for Kamber are big and beautiful. We also have roses around our spa in our backyard. When my husband planted them when he built our house last year they didn't do so good but this year they are beautiful. Is it a coinsidence that they are white? I don't think so, to me they are planted on sacred ground and the beauty of their whitness is perfect.

D-9 said...

your flowers are beautiful... all is see is snow :). Anyway I have found such a peace in photography since the passing of Tanner. I have always loved taking pictures but now I feel different about it and your photos speak your beautiful spirit. What a beautiful blog today.
Love ya

Natalie said...

I actually read that quote the other day and was pondering about this. I think that is one reason we can always be with the ones we love. Our spirits can connect whether we are here on this earth or into the next life. I actually thought about you and Wyatt after reading this quote. Thank you for this post and I Love all of your pictures. So pretty!