Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm grateful for the week we had as a family in Arizona. Thank you mom and dad for spending the week with us. We had fun spending time together creating memories. I will post some pictures soon.

Today I'm missing my baby and EVERYTHING that comes from everyday...nothing new! I get asked all the time is it any easier? Yes, in some ways but no in so many other ways. I'm going through a different stage of the grief and I'm not sure how to express it to those that might not understand. So, I guess that is why I haven't posted much. Maybe I will feel like posting some of my feelings later but right now I don't feel like it. Just needed to add a couple of pictures of my Wyatt.
One week old


Natalie said...

I'm glad you guys had fun in AZ. I would love to get out of the cold right now!

Wyatt truly is such a beautiful baby!

Amanda Stevens said...

I'm sorry you are without Wyatt. You overcame a battle today by posting what you did and admitting your feelings. The past year may become a blurr for you in the future but it is so amazing that you are still creating so many happy memories for the children you still have. They will look back one day and question how their Mom was so strong under the loss of a child. The posts and pictures will always serve as an example of the woman that you are.

Jill said...

I'm sure the grief was right there waiting for you when you got home, but I'm glad you enjoyed AZ. Such a peaceful baby. Love you!

Thanks so much for your call last night. Sorry I didn't call you back...I had quite the weekend. I'll call you soon!

Linda Pickles said...

Sure was good to see you last week. You looked great! Thanks for coming to see us.
I'm still out at Stacie's and will be excited for her to come back, but they are having a wonderful time.
I appreciated your comments and insights. This life is hard!!!! But you're coping and making it one day at a time. Keep reading and hanging on. You're always in my prayers.

taguefamily said...

Something that my Mom use to say to me all the time was your feelings are your own. You own them no matter what they are yours. even with the different stages that comes with all this know that so many people have loved everything that you have felt able to share. What you have been able to share up to this point has taught me an amazing amount. I feel the love of our Heavenly Father and his meaning of family every time I read you blog. You are an amazing person from everything I have read. Just own those feelings no matter what and you will get pass it all. Promise! Wyatt just looks so sweet in these pictures. I love the way he folds his hands in the first photo here. Like he is ready for family prayer, so cute!!!

Nathan Gedge said...

Hey, Andrea... I have been feeling the same way lately. How time heals but yet is so hard to have that less time with your little one. I am glad that you are still posting and that you will look back an be able to see how far you have come.
Thinking of you,