Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Ty!

Tyler had his birthday yesterday. He turned 12 years old and was able to receive the priesthood. It was a very neat experience for our whole family. We celebrated part of his birthday on Saturday. We went to Quiznos--Tyler's favorite sandwich place and had a picnic at the park. Tyler then wanted to go miniature golfing as a family so we did that. We then came home and put up our Christmas tree. We let him open a few of his presents since Derek wasn't going to be home Sunday morning because of his church calling. Tyler wanted breakfast cake for his birthday breakfast and he suggested going to Wyatt's grave to eat it. We decided it would probably be too cold since we would have to go really early to still make it to church by 9am. So, we went in the afternoon to Wyatt's grave. I thought that was really sweet of Tyler to even think of going to his brothers grave on his birthday. Tyler LOVES spaghetti so he had that for his birthday dinner. We then had to go to a court of honor where they sang happy birthday to him and he received a lot of awards. He is now a Star scout. We came home and sang happy birthday and had cake. Tyler is an amazing young man and we are so happy he is a part of our family. We are so proud of the good choices he has made and continues to make. I'm sure Wyatt is very proud of his big brother as well. We love you Tyler!

*note: these first few pictures aren't all that great. I forgot our camera so we used a cell phone.Picnic lunch.
I couldn't help but notice the empty 4th swing where Wyatt would have been if he were still here. Instead Hayley put her pretend friend Swipper in it and pushed him.

Miniature golfing at Fiesta Family Fun."Breakfast cake"Opening presentsHe loved the rockets from the Hansen's, game book from the Vances, the Williamsburg gun and puzzle from Grandma and Grandpa Jensen and all the money and cards others gave him. Thanks everyone for making his birthday so special. His spaghetti dinner.
Wow, 12 candles...I can't believe my little boy is growing up so fast!

Happy Birthday Tyler! We love you!


Elyse said...

Hsppy Birthday Ty! Wow-12 years old? I can't believe it! I would like to know what breakfast cake is. It sounds like something I would want to have on my birthday:)

Jill said...

Yea Ty! Happy Birthday to the smartest kid I've ever met! What a stud he is. He's such a good kid. Glad it was a fun day.

Jen G. said...

Wow! What an awesome birthday! Picnics, parks, AND golf? My kids would freak! And what a cute boy!

karen said...

How awesome. you have some wonderful children who love WYATT so MUCH!!!

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