Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

After our Christmas eve dinner we did our traditional hide the almond in ice cream. Tyler was the grand prize winner this year. Last year Wyatt was the grand prize winner which I think was very appropriate since it was his last and only Christmas with us. We bought diapers with his winnings last year. After the almond dessert activity we decorated a gingerbread house. Hayley especially enjoyed it and we had to tear her away from it.

We then watched Luke II. We usually act out the nativity but I just couldn't do it this year. Last year Wyatt was baby Jesus. It was just too hard this year. After Luke II Derek talked to us about the "No Empty Chairs" and few other very wonderful things and then we got out Wyatt's "No Empty Chairs" box that we did for his birthday. We opened it and recommitted ourselves again to giving him those presents. The spirit was very strong and I felt great peace.I had bought some battery operated candles that we took over to Wyatt's grave. It was a sweet tender mercy for us because it was snowing--it was absolutely beautiful and extra special since that doesn't happen very often here. We sang silent night and placed our candles on his grave. There were a few tears shed. It was a very special moment. Then each of the kids put a small toy on his grave. Tyler commented on how much Wyatt would have enjoyed playing with them. Those are some of the hardest moments. It was neat to look back and see his grave all lite up--it looked like it was on fire. I wish I would have brought my camera.
We then went home and the kids opened their traditional Christmas eve pajama's. Hayley flat out told me that she didn't want pajamas. I think she was expecting something more fun but she ended up putting them on and enjoying that she matched with her sister. The kids then opened up their gifts from each other. They then wanted to go to bed so they could start the kid party that they had been planning all day. It ended up being a very nice and very spiritual night for us.
Christmas morning I woke up around 4am and the grief hit me. I went into the family room and watched Wyatt's video. I just needed some time remembering him. I got out a lot of tears. Shortly after that the kids woke up and the excitement began. I love the excitement and joy that comes from opening each gift. Derek gave me the painting that I talked about on an earlier post by Greg Olsen. It's the one that I think looks like Wyatt right before he died. I started crying of course. I then looked on the back and Greg Olsen had signed it and left us a sweet and wonderful message. It was the perfect gift.

I gave Derek a book that I had put together of Wyatt's short life. It will go in Wyatt's room for those moments when we want to remember our sweet little boy. I also got a gift for the whole family from Wyatt. I think this will be a tradition each year. It will be a gift that we can enjoy together as a family. This year it was a church game. Hopefully it will give us moments of spending time together and building those relationships so that they will last forever.
My parents retired the part of the star from their nativity play and dedicated it to Wyatt. Wyatt will always have the part of the star each year. When I heard that they had done that I began to cry. It touches my heart whenever anyone thinks of our little boy and to know that he will be remembered every year is a sweet tender mercy for me.
We had a nice and peaceful Christmas with moments of laughter and moments of tears. I felt an added sense of peace and comfort that comes from answers to prayers. Thank you to so many for praying for us. Because Jesus Christ was born, lived and died and then was resurrected we can be an eternal family. How grateful I am more than ever for him especially this Christmas season.


The G Fam said...

I love all that you did to remember Wyatt. They are some great memories and when we do have more children, I might borrow a couple! It is hard. This was a hard Christmas. I think a big part of it was being without Mike almost all day. I hope you have a wonderful New Years and thank-you for being such an amazing friend!
Heart hugs,

Jill said...

I'm so glad prayers were answered this Christmas. You know how I wish you could've been with us on Christmas Eve, but I'm so glad you had such wonderful experiences with your cute family. I love that Hay's in her leotard. So cute!

drans007 said...

Thank you so very much for sharing all the moments of your family's Christmas. I was touched by the Spirit of Christ just reading and looking at pictures. We are honored and humbled to live so near. All our love.....

Natalie said...

So, I completely missed this post. I'm not sure how, but it was fun to see your Christmas Eve. I too started crying when I read what Grandma and Grandpa did with retiring the star for Wyatt. He truly is the star for our family, the reminder to return to Christ so we can all be a forever family!