Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

Here are a few pictures from our Halloween night. We had a cheerleader, a witch and a jail bird. We got to have an extra special treat--my brothers son Josh was here as batman and went with Tyler. I think the kids had a great time.

We have a neighborhood party with a jumping gym, food, and wonderful neighbors each year. I just couldn't get myself to go to that this settings can be very hard especially with all the memories of last year holding Wyatt in his peacock outfit. I've just had a really difficult week and it wasn't something I felt like I could do this year. Maybe next year. Derek took the kids to that and they had a wonderful time. I went to the cemetery for a few minutes. I've never been to a cemetery on Halloween actually was a very peaceful and quiet place. I just needed some time to think about my Wyatt and cry a little. I then met up with Derek and the kids and we went around the neighborhood trick or treating. Tyler came home with his friends and they dumped out all their candy and started trading. It was fun to hear them trying to negotiate for different candy. Hayley and Emily went through their candy and picked out their 10 pieces and put the rest on the fireplace hearth for the Halloween fairy. It's almost like Christmas eve for them because they can't wait to see the present the Halloween fairy brings. All in all I think I survived my first Halloween without's been a difficult one (understatement)but I'm hoping next year will be different. If not--I know I can survive it because I did this year.
Emily borrowed this costume from her friend. I just love the shoes and tights.
Tyler and Cousin Josh
Trading their candy.


Eileen said...

I was thinking about you today. That was a lovely, sweet post. You are my Hero!

Natalie said...

I love their costumes! Yea! You made it through one Holiday! I'm sorry it was a hard one for you and I'm glad you had time to yourself. You are doing great Andrea and I truly admire your stregth! I know I say that all the time but when I look at you, that is what I see! Love you and Happy Halloween! P.S. Love Haylie's hair!

Jill said...

That's so funny Tyler and his friends were negotiating. He's one cool cat so I'm betting he got the better end of his deals. :) Cute costumes! I'm glad you made it through, and were able to enjoy your kids. Keep it up! Love yoU!

Gourley Fam said...

You are amazing. Your kids look so cute, especially the witch! It is very hard to not have our babies here. Every holiday without them just sucks. I have been kind of angry lately, and I hate the feelings of anger and hurt I have because I miss my babies so much. I am a firm believer in hind-sight being 20/20. I did not even take a picture of Lilly in her Halloween costume. How silly was I when I knew we would probably not have her for another Halloween. I wish my broken heart could be healed. Anyways, thinking of you.
Heart hugs,

B&THorlacherFam said...

Andrea - I noticed you weren't at our neighborhood party and just wanted you to know that, YOU WERE MISSED!!!! I sure love you and totally understand why you weren't there. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. I can't even imagine what you are going through, but I know with your amazing testimony of our Savior and the love of your family and friends, you will find comfort. Sure love you, Tonya

Lisa & David said...

I'm a blog lurker and enjoy reading stories about your beautiful family. I'm curious - what does the Halloween fairy do? Take the candy and bring a present in it's place? I'd be interested in that concept since we have way more candy than we'd ever need!

Andrea said...

To answer the question about the halloween fairy...yes, they leave their candy out and the Halloween fairy comes and takes the candy and replaces it with a small gift. I'm not sure what the fairy does with all of the candy--probably donates it to a worthy cause.
I hope that answers your question. I always give them the option of either doing the fairy or keeping the candy and every year they opt for the fairy. It's been a fun little tradition in our family. They only draw back is the next morning is like christmas and they tend to get up way too early to see what the fairy brought.

Larsen said...

You and I were hanging out in the same place Halloween night. I don't know why the movies make cemetery's look all scary. I agree it was peaceful and sad. We took two pumpkins up there on Halloween. Who would've thought? Your other three kids sure are cute though!!! Who came up with the Jail bird Idea? Funny

neener said...

I have never heard of a halloween fairy.. different. I forgot to take pictures this year, I never forget. I really didn't care for it this year, wasn't excited and thought about Tanner alot, what kind of holiday is it when we let our children go out on a dark night dressed up and ask for candy from strangers. That is all I could think of, and I love halloween. Just felt different this year and among other things just didn't get into it.
You kids look great and they look so great because you are so geat. You are doing an amazing job Andrea, and don't you forget it. WE are in this together. Love ya.

Nathan Gedge said...

what cute kids!! looks like you survived halloween.