Sunday, October 5, 2008

General Conference

Derek and I are here in beautiful Maui enjoying every second. I have not yet adjusted to the time change which means I'm waking up way too early. It has turned out to be a blessing. I worried when we booked this trip that we would be missing General Conference. I look forward to this every 6 months but more so now since Wyatt died. I need those talks to give me the strength and comfort I am seeking. I figured we would just watch them when we got home since we are recording them. Since I awoke at 3am this morning I decided I would try and watch some of conference. I went onto and started watching Saturday's sessions. I started taking notes but by the end I was in such a puddle of tears I couldn't even write. My heart is full of gratitude for living Prophets and apostles that have answered my prayers. They have given me hope, comfort and a will to move forward. This church is the true church upon this earth and how grateful I am that I have it to help me through this time in my life. My heart is full of deep gratitude to a loving Heavenly Father that sends angels among us to help us through the difficult challenges in all of our life's. How grateful I am for the hope our Savior Jesus Christ gives us. Because of him I will have my Wyatt again someday. I will be compensated with joy for all the many tears of sorrow I have shed. I have hope for a marvelous future with my Wyatt one that I don't think I even can comprehend right now. How grateful I am for the truths of this gospel and the marvelous men that lead it.


Marc and Megan said...

Andrea, I'm so glad you've been able to watch conference... hasn't it been so wonderful?! I'm so amazed at the incredibly inspiring messages that have filled me with hope and helped heal my heart.

I hope your time in Hawaii is wonderful and healing.

Robyn said...

Andrea, I really hope you and Derek are having a great time in Paradise. Robyn and I loved it! I wish every day could be like the days we spent in Hawaii. I have never made a post on your blog but I witness Robyns heart pouring out love to you almost each and every time she logs on to your blog. Often I wish I could open up and express my feelings, However, I tend to fumble in how to express them and end up putting a foot in my mouth. You and your family are a great strength to Robyn and I. There are many times I have commented to Robyn about things going on in your lives. Today I commented on how reassuring the talks from conference have been even in assuring comfort in hard and frivilous times. It was the first time I realized how important my calling as a primary teach is. Even Jesus our Savior said to suffer the little children to come unto me. I too have a great love for listening to the Prophet and Apostles speak they lift us in spirit, and assure us that the savior is with us when we can't stand on our own, and even when our burden is overwhelming. We are so greatful to have friends like you. We love you and if there is anything we can ever do for you we are there. Please let your other half know to contact me when in town so we can go to lunch together or go play a round of golf. You are a wonderful friend, mother, sister and I know you are closer to the spirit than most people. We feel it in you e-mails and blogs. We love you more than words express!
P.S. - Enjoy the vacation! You deserve it

taguefamily said...

Conference was amazing today! I am so glad you got to see it. I thought of you and Gillian today and yesterday. What a blessing to have those words.smell the flowers while you are there! they are amazing! be safe~

Natalie said...

I'm so glad you were able to watch conference. It's weird because last general conference I was in Maui too. I'm so grateful that you were able to get some comfort from conference! You are amazing Andrea and I love you! Aloha!