Monday, September 15, 2008

"Good Things Utah"

Each morning after Tyler and Emily would leave for school. Wyatt, Hayley and I and sometimes Derek would go on a walk. When we got home Wyatt was usually hungry so I would fed him while watching Good Things Utah. They have a segment on it where they show pictures of those that are celebrating their first birthday. I would tell Wyatt each time it would come up that I was going to submit his picture so he could be on TV for his birthday. The realization came to me a few months ago that he wouldn't be here so I could submit that photo. Well, I thought it's still his birthday I will write an e-mail to them and let them know my story and they can decide if they want to put Wyatt's picture on there or not. I just heard back from them and they are going to air his picture on Monday September 22nd since the 21st is on a Sunday. It touched my heart that they would be willing to do this even though he isn't physically here. Maybe this is a weird thing I'm doing but it feels good inside to know that he isn't forgotten. Thanks "Good Things Utah" for remember Wyatt on his birthday.


Jen G. said...

Oh I love it! I'm so glad they're going to help us remember sweet Wyatt!

janalee said...

What a sweet way to remember your son :). I'm so glad you thought to send his picture in, and that the show decided to air it.

Krainich Family said...

This doesn't sound weird at all! It is a great idea to keep his memory alive! He's not here physically but he is still alive. . we just can't see him. I am so happy, what great happy news.

Marc and Megan said...

What a great way to remember him! I'm glad you decided to contact them... and even happier that they have decided to show his picture! How wonderful!

And, I've been looking forward to my day in the temple and releasing his balloons this weekend, on his behalf. It means so much to me to be apart of the celebration of his life. Thank you for allowing me this blessing! :)

carolyn q said...

I will set my dvr to record, since I will be at work so I can watch it when I get home.
I think it's a great idea and so you should be proud of the courage you had to ask.
Heart Hugs,
Carolyn Quigley
Angel Hope's mommy