Monday, September 22, 2008

Balloon Releases

Update: I've been adding more pictures to this post when I get them. Thanks everyone for even thinking of taking pictures and then sending them to me.
I'm just overwhelmed with gratitude and love to so many, many friends and family that released balloons in memory of Wyatt. It's just amazing to me how many good people there are in this world. I'm sure Wyatt was amazed at the outpouring of love shown to his family this weekend. Thank you everyone! Balloons were released in Canada to Arizona from California, Nebraska and Idaho and then all over the state of Utah. From Logan to St. George. Thank you for remembering our little boy.

Derek's whole family gathered Sunday night and wrote messages to Wyatt on their balloons. They then sang "Families can be Together Forever" as they released their balloons for Wyatt. I wish so bad we could have been there along with all the other releasings. My sister had 3 or 4 different balloon releasing throughout the day.

My niece Natalie has a little boy a few months younger than Wyatt named Jake. Jake and Wyatt were going to be the best of friends on this earth. Jakey was playing with one of "Wyatt's balloons" and was having a lot of fun playing with it. His older sister Addie(the same age as Hayley) came up to him and said "Jakey you need to let go of that balloon so it can go up to heaven so Wyatt can play with it too." How precious! I love kids and the innocence they show. Thank you so many family and friends for remembering our birthday boy this weekend. We love you all! Here are a few pictures of some of the balloon releases that people have sent me. Again I'm overwhelmed with emotion that so many would remember our little boy. That is one of the greatest gifts you can give a grieving person is to remember their loved one. Thank you!

Angel Tanner's family in Canada--I love this picture! Thanks Denine!My sweet friend Robyn and her darling kids. Thanks!Thanks Robyn and Steve for attending the temple in memory of Wyatt. I love this picture you took of the Provo temple.Angels' Elliana and Emmaline's parents in California. Thanks Marc and Megan!My aunt Linda's family in Arizona. Thank you!My sweet friend Erika and her cute girls. Thank you!Angel Luke's family at Luke's grave in Idaho. Thanks Jen!My brother Doug and his family. We love you!Little Jakey with Wyatt's balloon. "Forever Buddies"Sweet little Addie that remembered to pray for our family. We love you Addie!Love you Nat!My sisters family. Thank you for everything!Mitch you are such a stud!


Jill said...

Wow! Great pictures! That's so neat!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday to Wyatt! I am sure he loved his balloons. We sent balloons with messages on my daughter's first birthday too. My other kids especially loved doing it. They KNEW that the balloons would reach their sister, so they took their messages to her very seriously. Kids have the most amazing faith in things like death! It is such a strength. I hope you are surviving ok. The birthdays and anniversary of their passing are always the hardest. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Larsen said...

My name is Michelle Larsen. Thank you for the books, they have been enourmous comfort to me. I'm sorry i didn't look at your blog sooner, or i would'be released a balloon for Wyatt too. We did that at Gavin's Farewell. Thank you for your beautiful words too. I find the most comfort talking to other mom's. Thank you!

Elyse said...

Wow! I LOVED all the pictures from this weekend! What wonderful people you have all around you! Thanks so much for letting us be a part of the ballon release too-I wish we would have taken pictures. Love you lots!

jenjamin said...

I am Eileen's niece by marriage and I saw her post about you on her blog. My heart to so full and I am so sad you had to experience that, every parents nightmare. I am grateful you have the gospel to keep you strong. You have a beautiful family and your reward will be great for being immovable, faithful and enduring to the end. I love your blog. I have a rather meaningful blog too (at least to me) and I really appreciate other blogs that better my life after reading them, yours certainly did! BEST WISHES!

neener said...

Thanks for letting us be a part of your special boys birthday. I would really like to know where you had the balloons made... this October is coming up as a special birthday for Tanner and we are going to Lethbridge to celebrate. let me know where you can get them made.
All the best.