Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"School has begun"

It's official the new school year as begun for us St. Georgites. Emily started 3rd grade today and Tyler started 6th grade at the intermediate school. He was excited to start the 7 classes a day routine. I can't believe my little boy is getting that old. They just grow up too fast. They both enjoyed their first day at school. Emily always likes to do the "kissing hand" on her first day and she also wanted to wear a butterfly necklace to help her when she misses Wyatt.

It was an emotional one for me. I've so enjoyed having them with me this summer. I shed some tears as each of them left for school. I took Emily to her class and then on our way home I felt like I needed to spend a little time at Wyatt's grave. The cemetery is such a peaceful place and I find comfort there. When I pulled into the cemetery I felt like there was something new. OK that is really pathetic of me when I know there is something new at the cemetery. It was a big beautiful butterfly balloon. It really took me by surprise because it was on Wyatt's grave. I figured it was my sister and niece that put it on this past weekend before they left and I was right. I can't even express the gratitude and love I felt when I saw that balloon. I began crying and at that moment I felt like Wyatt was near. I've only felt that a few times mainly when I've had a few of my "Wyatt moments" but this morning as I sat there and cried as overwhelming gratitude filled my heart for all the wonderful people in my life I felt like he was aware of me. It was a special moment for me.
On Sunday my other niece Natalie and her family took time out of their busy schedule to drive to Wyatt's grave and when I saw the plumeria flower she had put on Wyatt's marker I cried. Plumeria flowers are one of my favorites and it touched me so much that she would be so thoughtful. It's such a touching thing for me when someone puts something on Wyatt's grave. I'm really not sure why. Maybe because it shows me that I'm not the only one caring for his sacred ground and I'm not the only one that is thinking of him. It touches me that they would take time out of their schedule to drive off the beaten path to visit his grave.

Hayley then had her first Princess birthday party to attend. I've really struggled with the thought that in 2 years all of my kids will be in school. I was suppose to have 5 more years and I was planning on making them the very best. I really was enjoying that time with Hayley and Wyatt each day. Now I only have 2 more before all of my kids are in school. That will be a sad day for me.


Natalie said...

Cute picture of your kids!! Hayley is such a pretty princess. I'm glad your kids enjoyed their first day of school. Emily looked very pretty as well. Love you all!

neener said...

Andrea, I thought the grave sight was in Orem and so I didn't ask you directions. Oh man, I wanted to pay a visit. The butterfly is beautiful. I know how it feels to see gifts of love left ..... it touches the center of our hearts to know there are others who care and watch over us, loving and praying for us. I am glad you had that experience today!

John and Leanne said...

What a beautiful butterfly balloon!!!

drans007 said...

What a beautiful blog entry. I can't believe how wonderfully you capture moments and create the feelings you had with your music and words. My cousins 14 month old died in his sleep this past Sunday night and we are going to the funeral Saturday. I would like to share your blog and with them, if that's ok. I think it would really give them a great perspective and lift their spirits.