Thursday, August 21, 2008


This has been an emotional week. My sweet Aunt Luana passed away and her funeral was on Tuesday the 19th. It was exactly 5 months to the day that we had Wyatt's funeral. They used the same mortuary as we had for Wyatt so there were so many similarities. It was hard for me because it brought back all those memories of 5 months ago. My heart now goes out to her kids and husband. I know how it feels to have that void in your life that can't be replaced with anything else.

Today, Wyatt would have been 11 months old. It's been a difficult day today for me. Many tears have been shed. I just miss him so much. But it's also been a day filled with many sweet tender mercies. How grateful I am for so many wonderful people in my life that answer the call to comfort me and lift me up.
Next month will be Wyatt's first birthday. It's a day I have been dreading since he passed away. It just doesn't seem right that I'm not going to be planning a party for him and buying gifts for him. Instead I'm going to be buying flowers to put on his grave. It's not at all what I had planned a year ago.
I've been contemplating for some time what to do for his birthday. Thank you, to so many for asking me what I'm going to do and for all the wonderful suggestions. My sweet sister has made up some balloons with Wyatt's name, dates, and the saying " I've gone to prepare a place for you." They are absolutely perfect. Thank you Janese! She made up a lot of them so I wanted to invite any family or friends that would like to release a balloon on his birthday --in his memory. If you are interested please let me know and I will send you some.
Another thing I would like to ask those of you that are willing and able to attend the temple sometime on September 20th in memory of Wyatt. His birthday is on a Sunday so that is why we have chosen the day before his actual birthday. The temple has given me great comfort the past few months . What a blessing it is to know that we might be helping someone on the other side be together with their family forever. I can't think of a greater present to give someone. So those of you that would like to do that in memory of our little boy we would be so appreciative.
I'm also trying to come up with some fun things for my kids because I do want it to be a day of celebration even though my heart is breaking knowing that he won't be physically present for his special day.
There will come a day that I will be planning a wonderful 1st birthday with Wyatt physically present. It will be a grand day and everyone will be invited.


Eileen said...

I would love to release a balloon from the "top of Utah." And count us in on temple attendance. I teach RS and my lesson this Sunday is "Ask in Faith" by Elder Bednar. So my thoughts have been turned to prayer this week. I will certainly ask our loving Heavenly Father to bless and comfort you these coming weeks. And I have faith that he will!

Jill said...

They turned out perfect! Me and Allen certainly want to release a couple of them. We'll be in Colorado that weekend so I'm so sad we can't be there for the birthday celebration. Hoping to go to the temple while there. It'll he a good day Andrea. I think your kids will enjoy a celebration for their baby brother. Keep it up! You're doing great! love you!

Robyn said...

Count us in on the balloon release! They are beautiful and we would love to release one from Mapleton. What a great idea to attend the temple, we would be honored to do that as well. Thanks for sharing your faith and strength! Love you!

Felipe and Erika said...

Our family would love to release some balloons and I would be honored to attend the temple in his memory as well! Your in my thoughts and prayers ALWAYS.

neener said...

We would love to release a balloon for Wyatt and you can count us in on the Temple night. Although we will be in Edmonton we will be with you in spirit. Miss you.

May peace fill our hearts, May faith light our way, May hope turn our thoughts to a happier day, May love beyond knowing as strong and as true, Lighten our grief and bring comfort to eachother.

They have gone to be angels, secure in our Father's care, and their dear little feet now patter along, The beautiful streets up there.

Loved ones live on in memories and the joy of that remembrance will help us get through tomorrow. May it strengthen and console us to know that others care.

Jenna said...

I love those balloons! He is so handsome. I will be thinking of you on that day. Also here is Arizona every time I go outside I see at least 50 butterflies around, it is so strange, but I think of you and Wyatt every time now. You are amazing, much love.

Krainich Family said...

Hi Andrea. A few things to consider: We buy presents every year for James. I figure we would be buying them if he were here. Usually on his birthday we buy him a car. He loved cars-so we find one that represents him every year. (When he's 5 we'll buy him a school bus, When he's 19 we'll buy him an airplane for his mission etc etc.) This comforts me knowing I can still spend money on him. We then buy a little present for his grave-usually just a match box car of some sort. For Christmas we buy presents and find a little boy to donate them to who is in need. Hope this helps. Love, James' mom.

Marc and Megan said...

We would love to be part of the balloon releasing as well as the temple attendance. What a neat thing to do! I love the ways you're finding to remember Wyatt and celebrate his brief life... I may just have to borrow them. I love coming here and reading about how you miss your little Wyatt. He misses you, too! I know he's looking forward to being with you again someday soon! :)

I hope you're enjoying the mountains... we just got back and it was exactly what we needed!

jel-gar said...

What a sweet idea Andrea. I'm grateful to be a part of anything to honor his life and his wonderful family. We would love a balloon to release on his birthday. Thank you for allowing so many to be a part of his birthday celebration. - Janelle

Jon and Jessica Bryant said...

Andrea we would love some balloons to release on his birthday. That is such a great idea. We really have such an awesome family. We will also attend the temple that day. Let us know if there will be any other events. We love you and are so greatful to have you in our lives.

Natalie said...

What a great idea to go to the temple. I can't wait to participate! I love those balloons too. My mom is so great! I love you Andrea!

carolyn q said...

I too will be participating in the balloon release and the Temple session the week of Wyatt's Birthday.
Please let me know next time your in Orem so I can work it out to get together.
With Angel Hugs,

gcashton said...

I would love to release some balloons to honor Wyatt. What a truly perfect idea. I'll send you my new address. I know that will be a hard day. I might have to borrow that idea too. We released some balloons for Zach the day after he died with little notes attached. Our kids were able to write a little message to him.
What a wonderful idea to attend the temple on his birthday--a perfect place to feel connected to him.
I have missed talking to you this past week. Thanks for sharing your feelings and beautiful testimony.

Linda Pickles said...

What a wonderful idea--please send us some balloons as well--all of us down here in Arizona will let them fly in remembrance of him---and you! And we will attend the temple as well on the 20th. It will be a wonderful day to share with you, no matter where we are.

We see lots of butterflies again, and it is always a reminder of Wyatt.

We love you!
Aunt Linda and Uncle Jeff