Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Ordinary Day"

About 3 months ago I took Hayley to the park while Tyler and Emily were at school. It was an especially hard day and I just had to leave the house for a little bit. As I was sitting on the bench watching Hayley enjoying the park the thought came to me...What would I do if I had one more day with Wyatt. I started thinking of all the wonderful things I would say and do and then I realized what I really would like is to have one more ordinary day with him. I would add extra hugs, kisses and take a million pictures and video but I would just like to enjoy those ordinary things I did with him each day. I had a dream a few months ago. In it I was making a note that today I would take a picture of every little part of Wyatt. His ears, hair, eyes, hands, feet, fingernails, legs, arms, lips, belly button etc. etc. I woke up and thought I will do that today. Then the realization came to me that I wouldn't be doing that with him because he was gone. Those are some of the hardest moments. So, those of you that have a baby in your life enjoy those ordinary things in your life. The feedings, the baths, the smiles, the cries and maybe take a few pictures or two and enjoy those simple things of life.

Suzanne from China wrote me a comment a few weeks ago about a song she suggested I listen to. It's called "Ordinary Day" as I listened to it I remembered that day at the park. I've added this song to my play list.

Oh, Wyatt I can't wait to have an "Ordinary Day" with you again someday. xoxox mom


neener said...

You know I would do the same thing on another "ordianry day". Keep up the great work, you are doing great. Love ya.

Eileen said...

What a sweet post. Having my kids grown and almost all gone, I do look back on ordinary days and wish I would have enjoyed them more. Sat down on the grass or carpet with my kids more. . . it goes on.

I have taught a "taking better photos/displaying photos/decorating with photos" class before. (I don't really know what to call it) And I totally pushed the idea of taking photos because we should, and taking photos because what if something tragic or unexpected happened. You have BEAUTIFUL photos! I'm sure you would want a million more.

Thanks for the link! I have looked at her blog before. She took some photos for a friend of mine. Her name is Nikki. I'll scroll back through her posts and see if I can find her. If I do, I'll send the link.

Sorry for the LONG post. Hope you have a "butterfly" day.

Much love and hugs,

Natalie said...

Love you Andrea! Thank you for reminding me again how precious time truly is.

kashburn817 said...

I've been thinking of you alot an praying for you. I hope you are well in the midst of all that's happened.

Bartel's said...

Hi Andrea,
Just stopped by your blog to check on you. Reading your last post I got chills. I just yesterday took all of those "body shots" of my little one...only to have them accidentaly deleted. Crazy as it sounds, but I thought of Wyatt, & how I need to immediately re-take them first thing tomorrow. I was able to save only a few, which I had thankfully already put on my blog.
The bronzed hand & feet are beautiful.I can't imagine the pain you must be feeling. Know that strangers like me are still thinking about you, Wyatt & your beautiful family. I will continue to read your posts. Your pain is deep & real. It has made me hug, kiss & take a TON more pictures of my family. (My husband told me yesterday that I'm going to wear out the camera). Hang in there.

Felipe and Erika said...

What a sweet post, the song made me tear up. It is those ordinary things everyday that I take for granted. Thanks for a post that helped me step back and re-evaluate my priorities! I love you Andrea and wished we lived closer:)Your in my prayers always.

Alicia said...

Thanks Andrea for making this blog. I cry every time I read it. I know that god lives and loves me and you and is very aware of what we are going through. I am so grateful you are in the family as well as your whole family. Wyatt has changed all of our lives for the better. I love you and hope that you know how much you are loved and thought about each day as you struggle and make it through each day without him. You amaze me the strength that you have in you. I look up to you so much!

Jill said...

love love love!!

Melanie said...

I dont know you personally but I am so sorry for your loss. As I am reading your posts tears are streaming down my face and my Heart truly aches for you. Thank you for this post it is a reminder to me of the kind of mom I want and should be. I will look at my days so different now and cherish every last minute with my kids. I am sorry you dont have your son here with you on earth but I know you will see him again. Best of luck!!