Friday, July 11, 2008

"4th of July pictures"

We stayed at the condo with my parents for the 4th of July. I left our camera there so that's why these pictures are so late. We went to a new park below the condos that had some pretty cool things to play on. The kids had a lot of fun playing on them. The sprinklers were on so they had fun running through them as well. We actually saw a couple of butterflies which I haven't seen for awhile. Then we went swimming since it was really, really hot. My parents took us out to eat at my kids favorite place "Golden Coral". Thanks mom and dad! That night we went to the St. George fireworks. I'm a total firework fan. I had to wonder if Wyatt would have loved seeing the fireworks too. Every year I get a picture of my kids on the 4th. I have a frame I change out. I was so looking forward to getting one with "all" my kids. It was so hard to realize that I would never get that picture.


Jill said...

I wanna go to that park! That looks fun! Swinging is my favorite. Cute pictures

neener said...

I understand about changing the kids picture with an updated one.... it is hard to do. Hey, when we used to live in Utah my kids favourite place to eat was the Golden Corral too.
Glad your still making memories:)

Jen G. said...

wow that's a seriously cool park! Can we come play?