Thursday, May 15, 2008

Everyday life

Everyday since Wyatt's passing I've struggled with everyday life. I miss getting him dressed. He never had an opinion on what he wanted to wear so I got to choose. I miss changing his diapers and feeding him. I miss holding him and trying to make him smile. I miss giving him his baths. I could go on and on with the little things I miss each day. I was telling Derek all this yesterday and crying of course--and Derek commented about how much he missed his smile. Wyatt was always willing to give us a big cheesy grin. I miss seeing the little dimple on his chin when he smiled really big. I've attached a couple of his smiling pictures. As I've missed these things about Wyatt I've really tried to enjoy the moments with my other kids each day. Things that seemed to matter before don't matter that much anymore. I hug my kids so much more now.
Today I was having one of those harder times and started reading a book. I came across this quote by Joseph F. Smith he said:

"Joseph Smith taught the doctrine that the infant child that was laid away in
death would come up in the resurrection as a child; and pointing to the mother
of a lifeless child, he said to her: ' You will have the joy,
the pleasure, and satisfaction of nurturing
this child, after its resurrection, until it reaches the full stature of its
spirit.' There is restitution, there is growth, there is development, after the
resurrection from death. I love this truth. It speaks volume of happiness, of
joy and gratitude to my soul. Thank the Lord he has revealed these principles to

This was quoted at Wyatt's funeral. I continue to gain such hope and joy whenever I hear it. It puts things into perspective for me. Everyday life is hard right now. I don't know how long it's going to be hard but when I get to hear wonderful doctrine like this it helps me make it through one more day without my baby. It gives me great hope for the resurrection when I will hold him and see him smile again.


Jill said...

Such a precious smile! His smile reminds me so much of little Hayley. :) That doctrine must be so comforting. It's hard to comprehend what it'll be like to raise this special spirit in the millenium. But like my mother...I can't wait to see you raise Wyatt again. I'm so excited for that day! Thank God for families and for revealed eternal truths!

I'm glad I got to talk to you today and that you're having a good day with your kids. You're an amazing mother!

drans007 said...

I can't tell you how much your words have reminded me to treasure all the little things my kids do, and give them more hugs and a more sincere me daily. Thank you so much for coming and staying through the whole party today. It was great to play with you and your fun, sweet children, and have another adult there to talk to.

Elyse said...

What a cute big smile! Wyatt also reminds me a lot of Hayley. That is such a great quote-very comforting and assuring. What a blessing it is to know that. I also LOVE that Josh Groban song-I use to have it on my blog too. Love ya!

Natalie said...

Amazing! This gospel is so amazing and I'm so glad I am part of your family and will be able to witness you and Wyatt together again. His smile really is infectious and so sweet. I am so grateful for cameras so we can capture our memories and remind us of the sweet, joyful moments of life. Thank you again for the testimony builder!